Saturday, June 2, 2007

Beautiful example of a spiral galaxy. See how the arms trail out from the center. This is the type of galaxy out own milkyway galaxy is. Someday I hope we own the whole thing.

This is, to what I see, a star still with a disc of debrish and gas around it. Our solar system may have looked something like this one day in the past.

This is a nebula. In it's center is a bright star, around it is gas and other stars. Here is where many stars are born as there is plenty of material for stellar building. This is the home-depot of the universe (or the lumber yard).

This is a strange collection of stars. It's a fog of a galaxy, it does not spin in any direction to my knowledge. A starscape.

This galaxy is somewhat of a spiral type. It has a very bright center, probably with a supermassive blackhole within. The center of this galaxy is increadibly bright.

Here is a beautiful Picture from NASA of a galaxy. Cropped so it can be used in other art (the photo itself is art).